Hearing Aids

Excelife is now offering to their customers affordable and convenient hearing amplifiers for people who have hearing loss.

The style of these hearing devices uses the analogue technology that basically amplify the sounds that a person normally can not hear through what amounts to a microphone.  Then, the signals “sounds” that the microphone just picked up are sent through the tubing in the hearing device and directly into the ear of the wearer.


Types of Hearing Amplifiers:

Behind The Ear:

This model fit very nicely behind the ear.  It also has a convenient volume control that can be adjusted  at any time.

We recommend this product for elderly people for better controlling and manipulation of the product.


Inside The Ear:

This model fit directly in the ear canal and is supported by the ear shell itself.  Inside The Ear model are used for mild to moderate hearing loss.  They have a volume control and are very light in weight as well.


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