Excelife is an established Canadian brand for health and electric massage products.  Our company has been operating in Ontario, Canada since 1999.
  1. Best Selection of Home Massage Equipment
    Our products specializes in providing the best selection of home massage equipment that will help you relax, restore energy, relieve muscle pain and overall simplify your life.
  2. Durable, Strong and Affordable

    Our massage products have been recognized as being durable, strong and affordable.  Our price range can fit the budget of different lifestyles.

  3. Stand Behind Our Products

    We have been selling our products across Ontario through different consumer trade shows and other special events.  Consumers who attended the shows were welcome to try our products free of charge and make their decision based on results.

  4. Proven Results
    Each product has a specific function targeting specific area of your body.  This is one of the main reasons on why our products have become one of the innovative leaders in self-care, wellness and personal health products in Ontario, Canada.
  5. Canadian Company Operating Since 1999
    We are a family business and have been slowly growing our selection of products based on our customers’ feedback.